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  • If you dread moving, you are not alone. From the packing to the lifting, to the unloading, to the sifting; moving seems to be on everyone’s list of least favorite things to do.

Before you think that hiring movers is a “luxury” only for wealthier families, consider Homegrown Moving and what we can save you. Hiring professionals are money well spent.  Here are seven reasons you should always hire a moving company.

1. There’s Less of a Chance You’ll Hurt Yourself When Using A Moving Compay

Moving heavy, awkward furniture requires either multiple people and sometimes special equipment. Keep in mind, and this will happen two times! Hiring a professional mover eliminates the potential for injury. You can hurt yourself pretty badly when you don’t know what you’re doing, which can put a massive kink in upcoming plans you may have.

2. Your Friends and Family Will Thank You

Friends and family may love you, but chances are they hate helping you move because it’s tiring and stressful for them as well. No matter how much they offer and act like it’s really no problem at all, most likely they would much instead treat you to a housewarming gift or drop by post move with pizza or your favorite take-out.

3. You Have Much More Important Issues to Focus On

There is so much more that requires your attention on moving day besides the actual physical moving of stuff. Perhaps meeting up with the new landlord for a moving day walk through, setting up utility services, or your time might be better focused on making your new place move-in friendly and assuring your things get moved to their appropriate locations within rooms. Professional movers free up a considerable chunk of time and take the burden literally “off your back” so you can be efficient with your time.

Other Tips for Movers

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